Oklahoma Constitutional Law Attorney

Oklahoma City, Norman, and the Metro

People often assume that if a certain act is prohibited in either State Statutes or Federal Statutes, then the act is illegal, and a person committing the acts will be punished.

The unfortunate truth is that the laws are sometimes in conflict, and that laws may be void, but still on the books. When a person is criminally charged, the laws under which they are charged may be unconstitutional and unenforceable. Here in Oklahoma, there are entire sections of the criminal code that are arguably unconstitutional because they conflict with Federal Supreme Court case law, the Federal Constitution, or the Oklahoma Constitution itself. Examples of potentially unconstitutional Oklahoma laws include:

As these laws are still floating around, it takes an attorney who is familiar with both the Oklahoma and Federal Constitutions to ensure that your rights are protected.

While the Oklahoma Legislature is entrusted with the safekeeping of our Laws, they have not required a thorough revision of the criminal code, Title 21, in some time. Many arguably unconstitutional laws are still on the books.

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