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HB2397: Oklahoma Expungement Bill Passes House, 88-0

We are very happy to announce that the Oklahoma House of Representatives has passed HB2397, the 2016 expungement amendments bill written by Michael A. Risley, on an 88-0 vote. 

Again, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Representative Dunlap for his hard work in pushing HB2397 forward, and law enforcement for their continued support for this smart-on-crime initiative. 

Finally, one more piece of good news: we also have Senator Sykes (R-Moore), Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, signing on as our new co-author. As such, we anticipate the bill will pass out of the Senate without issue. At that point, it is highly likely that HB2397 will become law on Nov. 1st. 

You can follow new developments on the Oklahoma Legislature's bill tracker, here: HB2397

Enjoy the week,

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