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DOC launches new Offender Lookup system, with better privacy protection

Good news! Oklahoma's Dept. of Corrections (DOC) has released a new version of their Offender Lookup, the online tool used to view mugshots and criminal history information on current and former Oklahoma inmates. 

Three important points:
First: This is a big victory for privacy in Oklahoma: DOC's criminal records used to show up in Google searches when you searched someone's name, and even worse, DOC mugshots were showing up as well - so when you went looking for "John Smith's" Facebook page, his mugshot and criminal record would show up instead.

The new version no longer allows Google and other search engines to index DOC records and mugshots, so they won't be appearing in search anymore.

Second: Third party websites were also copying people's DOC mugshots, reposting them on their own websites, and then pushing those mugshots up in Google's search results, with the end goal of charging people huge fees to remove them - which is disgusting.

Now, the new version uses CAPTCHA technology to stop third party websites from doing this, which we are very pleased to see. 

Third, it's fast. The old Lookup used to quit working around 3pm from overuse - hopefully that won't happen anymore.

Take it for a test drive, here.

We're very thankful for all the folks at DOC who worked hard putting this new version together - it's a big step forward for Oklahoma. 


Source: Oklahoma Dept. of Corrections Newsroom

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