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Risley PLLC receives direct access to OSBI's Criminal Record Database (ACHS)

All of us here at Risley PLLC are very proud to announce that we have been granted direct access to OSBI's criminal record database - the OSBI Automated Criminal History System.  We've been gunning for this honor for the last five years, and we are the only law firm in Oklahoma to receive it. 

Meeting OSBI's stringent access requirements wasn't easy, but we are pleased to continue to build bridges with our colleagues in law enforcement. ACHS access will allow us to immediately request and view OSBI reports, and help us to deliver expungement relief to our clients even faster than we already do. (Don't worry, the reports can't be edited without a court order - we still have to do the rest of the work.)

Give us a call today and see if Oklahoma's most prolific, experienced, and well-reviewed expungement firm can help you get your life back on track. 

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