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How can my Oklahoma probation be modified?

If you are still serving probation in Oklahoma, there are three ways that we can help you:

  1. We can end your probation early;
  2. We can reduce the fines and costs you have to pay;
  3. We can change the details of your probation, like allowing you to travel out-of-state, or changing the people you can live with, or modifying your payment schedule.

Read more below about the requirements for each.

What do I have to do to end my probation early?

If you are interested in ending your probation early, you will need to make sure you have done the following: 

  • Paid off all of your court costs, fines, fees, and restitution;
  • Completed all of your community service and classes; 
  • Served at least 50% of your sentence;

If you have done all of those things, speak with an attorney today for your free case review, and let us see if we can end your sentence early.

What about reducing my fines and costs?

We can help you reduce the fines and costs that you have to pay in two situations: first, if a mistake was made in calculating what you owe; or second, if you qualify under 22 O.S. §983a.

Former Speaker of the House Jeff Hickman, R-58, got §983a passed in 2016 to help Oklahomans who are burdened by excessive fines and costs. The requirements to file for relief under that section are:

  1. That you served time with D.O.C and have been released from custody;
  2. That you complied with all probation requirements since being released;
  3. That you made payments on your fines and costs on a "timely basis" for twenty four months after release;
  4. That the money you owe is NOT for restitution to a victim or for child support.

If you meet the requirements above, speak directly with an attorney today to discuss getting your fines and costs reduced. 

What about changing the details of my probation?

Finally, if you are interested in changing the details of your probation, then we can also help you modify specific conditions as well. Examples include:

  • Who you can live with;
  • Where you are allowed to live;
  • Where you can travel for work;
  • Payment schedules, etc. 

Give us a call today to discuss your case with an attorney.