Oklahoma Criminal Defense Attorney

All Oklahoma Felonies, Misdemeanors, Municipal Offenses, & Traffic Tickets

Flat Fees & Payment Plans

What kind of criminal cases do you handle?

We have expertise in the followings kind of cases:

  1. Drug Crimes, including Distribution (Felony & Misdemeanor)
  2. DUIs & DWIs (Felony & Misdemeanor)
  3. Theft & White Collar Crimes (Felony & Misdemeanor)
  4. All Other Misdemeanors
  5. All Protective Orders (VPOs)
  6. All Municipal Offenses
  7. All Traffic Tickets

If you have another case that you would like to inquire about, give us a call and we'll be happy to discuss your situation with you - speak with an attorney directly at 405.801.2116 or get in touch for a free consultation.

I was caught red-handed. Do I need a lawyer even I'm going to plead guilty?

YES. Even if you were caught red-handed, there may be a weakness in the State's case against you that we can exploit to your benefit - by getting you a lesser charge, less probation, or a lighter sentence. 

Also, even if the prosecutor tells you he's giving you the “best deal possible” (he probably isn't, but assuming he is), we can use our experience in the criminal justice system to get you a better outcome, like probation terms that are easier to comply with and fit with your work schedule, or better payments on your fines and costs. 

To get help, speak with an attorney directly at 405.801.2116 or get in touch for your free consultation.

What can I expect when I hire you?

After the initial paperwork, we'll discuss your situation in detail: the facts behind your case, the statutes and case law at hand, and any other relevant items. If we can help you, we'll come up with a plan for the representation and communicate it so that the process and the results are clear to you.

If you have any questions, we'll answer them - no matter how long it takes. If for some reason we can't help you, we'll refer you to someone who can, and schedule a phone call with them to let them know you are coming.

When you hire us, we'll get to work on the case immediately: we'll enter an appearance on your behalf; we'll review the prosecutor's file to make sure we know their side of the case inside and out; and we'll begin the process of applying the law to your facts to get you the best result possible. Give us a call at 405.801.2116 or get in touch to get started.

What do you charge? Do you have payment plans?

Unfortunately, we can't quote a single price. Every case is different, and our fee varies depending on several factors, including: what you are charged with; whether the charges are a felony or misdemeanor; the facts behind the charge; what Court the charges have been filed in; and the complexity of the facts, statutes, and case law. We do offer payment plans for qualified individuals.

Speak with an attorney directly at 405.801.2116 or get in touch for your free consultation, price quote, and payment plan.

I'd prefer to handle my case myself - do I really need an attorney?

YES. There are more than 3,000 criminal laws on the books in Oklahoma, and an exponentially larger number of State and Federal cases that interpret those laws. It is impossible for a non-lawyer to keep track of everything that is going on in criminal law, and what you don't know will hurt you.

Being proactive, and giving us a call as soon as possible after an arrest, will give us the best opportunity to review the facts of your case, the laws, and the relevant cases. Armed with that knowledge, we can fight for a dismissal, convince a jury to acquit you, or use the weaknesses in the prosecutor's case to get you a better plea deal.

Speak with an attorney directly at 405.801.2116 or get in touch for your free consultation.

What Counties & Courts do you cover?

We take cases in the following locations:

  • Oklahoma County District Court (Oklahoma City)
  • Cleveland County District Court (Norman)
  • McClain County District Court (Purcell)
  • Grady County District Court (Chickasha)
  • Canadian County District Court (El Reno)
  • Pottawatomie County District Court (Shawnee)
  • Lincoln County District Court (Chandler)
  • Logan County District Court (Guthrie)
  • Kingfisher County District Court (Kingfisher)
  • Oklahoma City Municipal Court
  • Edmond Municipal Court
  • Valley Brook Municipal Court
  • Norman Municipal Court
  • Purcell Municipal Court
  • Chickasha Municipal Court
  • El Reno Municipal Court
  • Shawnee Municipal Court
  • Chandler Municipal Court
  • Guthrie Municipal Court
  • Kingfisher Municipal Court 
  • Any other Municipal Court in Central Oklahoma

The police want to search my home or vehicle. Do I have to let them?

NO. The only time you are required to let them in is when they have a search warrant, signed by a Judge or other lawfully designated individual. Sometimes, the police are allowed to search your home without a warrant, but you still do not have to consent to the search: simply tell the officer “I don't consent to this search”, and then be calm and silent afterwards while they do their job. If it was unlawful, the search can be challenged later in Court, and the result of any illegal search can be thrown out.

As soon as you have an opportunity, contact us at 405.801.2116 or get in touch for your free consultation, and let us protect your Constitutional rights immediately.

I've heard people complaining that their lawyers don't communicate with them. Do you return phone calls?

Emphatically, YES. In fact, our Clients are often surprised at how much we're in touch with them, and how easily they can get ahold of us. We believe in the Golden Rule, and respect and courtesy are a big part of the way we do business: one of the ways in which we show respect is by staying in touch with our Clients and keeping them on top of our progress.

Can you guarantee that I'll get what I want in court?

Unfortunately, no. As much as we'd love to tell you that things are guaranteed to go your way, we can't. Not only is it unethical, it's impossible to predict with absolute certainty what the judge, jury, or prosecutor will do on any given day. What we can tell you is that we will fight to ensure that your Constitutional rights are protected and that we will seek the best possible result in your case.

Give us a call at 405.801.2116 for your no-cost consultation, and let us tell you what we can do for you.