Michael A. Risley, Attorney: Details on Deferred Sentence (991c) Expungements in Oklahoma

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What is a 991c expungement? Why get a 991c expungement when I could get a "full" 18/19 expungement?:

Deferred Sentence (991c) expungements are best thought of as "gap fillers", which can be used while you are waiting for a full 18/19 expungement, or where you otherwise don't qualify for an 18/19 expungement.

Deferred Sentence (991c) expungements are not mutually exclusive of 18/19 expungements - you can get one and then the other, or both, or only one, as may be needed by your particular circumstances.

For instance, if you are waiting five years from the end of your felony deferred sentence to qualify for an 18/19 expungement, you can still receive a Deferred Sentence (991c) expungement in the interim and improve your criminal record while you wait.

As another example, if you do not qualify for an 18/19 - because you received a deferred sentence on a violent felony, or because you have an unexpunged felony conviction - you can still receive a deferred sentence (991c) expungement, regardless of the rest of your record.

How do I qualify for a Deferred Sentence expungement?

You must have completed the terms of your probation (such as community service, drug treatment, etc), paid all fines, costs, and restitution, and successfully served the entire term of your deferred sentence. That's it.

Can you give me an example of how a Deferred Sentence (991) expungement works?

For example, if a person was arrested by the Oklahoma City Police Dept. for Possession of Marijuana, pled guilty, and received a three year deferred sentence, they would have the following criminal records:

  1. Arrest Records with the Police Dept., detailing the arrest itself;
  2. Court Records at the Courthouse, containing the court case;
  3. Court Records on OSCN.net / ODCR.com, posting court records online;
  4. A Background Check entry with OSBI, showing:
    "Possession of Marijuana / Pled Guilty / 3 Year Deferred Sentence"

After the Deferred Sentence (991c) expungement, the following would occur:

  1. Arrest Records with the Police Dept. would remain intact;
  2. Court Records at the Courthouse would be sealed;
  3. Court Records at OSCN.net or ODCR.com would be erased;
  4. The Background Check entry with OSBI would show:
    "Possession of Marijuana / Pled Not Guilty / Case Dismissed"

Speak directly with an attorney to find out if you qualify for an 991c expungement.