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The Best Expungement & Pardon Law Firm in Oklahoma

We Are The Best Expungement & Pardon Law Firm in Oklahoma

Fundamentally, the business of law is just like any other business: winning your cases while maintaining a high level of customer service are the only two things that really matter. Here at Risley PLLC, we focus everyday on making our customers happy - and beginning last year, we started surveying our practice areas and our clients, to ensure that we really and truly are the best expungement & pardon law firm in Oklahoma. The results are in:

Success Rate on Governor's Pardons in 2019

The Oklahoma Pardon & Parole Board keeps very good records, in a centralized location. This makes it easy for us to compare ourselves to other attorneys, and to see that there really is no comparison:

  • Number of people who sought a pardon in Oklahoma in 2019: 294
  • Total represented by Michael A. Risley: 175 (60%)
  • Total represented by Riley Mullinix of 4 (1.3%)
  • Total represented by all other Oklahoma attorneys (1-2 clients each): 34 (13.6%)

The numbers don't lie: we are the only attorneys in Oklahoma who actually specialize in pardons. The last piece of good news on this front is our success rate: in 2019, we lost one pardon case, making our success rate 99.66% (174/175).

Success Rate on Expungements in 2019

Our historical success rate for expungements is 99.9%, and 2019 was no different: we didn't lose any cases, for the entire year. This is more of an achievement in 2019, because we saw the number of objections from law enforcement increase this year by 300%. Again, our success rate speaks for itself: we overcame their objection in every case. 

Finally, the total number of expungements in Oklahoma is harder to track, because they are filed in all 77 counties of our state. In 2017, we were able to complete a rough guess based on an Open Records request that we completed with OSBI. At that time, we filed approximately 40% of the expungements in the Oklahoma, and our assumption is that number remains stable.  

Results from our 2019 Client Survey

Finally, we also implemented a client survey in 2019, which we sent to clients after their cases were completed with. The results speak for themselves:

What rating would you give us? 
- On a 1-5 scale, 4.9

How likely are you to recommend our services to a friend or colleague?
- On a 1-5 scale, 4.9

Did your case have a successful outcome?
- 100% answered "Yes"

Which most closely relates to how you feel about the cost of our services?
- 94% answered "I Paid Just the Right Amount", and 2% selected "I Paid Too Much"

What changes could we make to get a higher rating?
- "Everything went well."
- "Really can't think of anything. The entire staff was, not only extremely professional, but treated me with kindness & respect."
- "I have no complaints."
- "The process was very easy having worked with Michael and his team, their knowledge and experience was immaculate providing a detailed plan, solution and a timeline along with updates on progress... this is what a client expects, Please continue with your good work."
- "Nothing. The service I received was excellent!"
- "Your rating with me is as high as it could possibly be!"
- "everything went smooth and was explained to me very well"
- "I rated you 5 stars."
- "Nothing at all"
- "I was very happy with every thing u have don thank you"
- "None. Couldn't have asked for better service"
- "You did an outstanding job in such a timely manner. Please, continue to do good work."
- "Nothing. Explained the process, timeframe we would be looking at and never left me wondering where we were with the process."
- "I don't know of any changes that you need to make. Your service was excellent in every way. I was always able to reach my case manager. He always kept me informed of everything. Any question I had he answered. He even called me a number of times before I called him. I have never dealt with a lawyer's office that was as proficient and amiable is yours."
- "None. It was excellent service" 
- "Did great! Very pleased!"
- "Absolutely nothing! I am extremely happy with the service proved at a fair price..."
- "Keep on doing what you’re already doing."

Have questions, or want to get started with our firm? Give us a call at 405.801.2116 to get in touch with us today, and we'd be happy to help.

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